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Welcome To Bespoke Build

Bespoke Build is a highly experienced, home improvement company that is fully equipped to sculpt your property in accordance with your custom designs. 

Over the years we have undertaken a multitude of different construction tasks, ranging from full loft conversions, to home extensions, and are confident that we have the staff at our disposal to be able to deliver on any of your requests.  

Whether you desire us to devise a new design for any of your household’s rooms, or simply wish us to implement one of your own bespoke customisations, we are confident that we can provide for all the construction services that you require, so you can turn your house into a home. 

We also provide a comprehensive range of home repair services that are governed by the principles of quality and permanence, so you can be confident that if you utilise us for this purpose, that their will be no need to call us anytime soon due to a relapse of your initial difficulties.

Your quote and initial assessment are also completely free, and we will act fast as soon as we have identified your problems, so that you receive a swift resolution to any difficulties that you may encounter.

The Best Solution For Your Home


Our joinery services are primarily onsite, and include all carpentry work, installing built in wardrobes, vanity units, staircases, bespoke kitchens, blinds and furniture.


We provide a comprehensive service that will adhere to all your bathroom enhancement needs. Whether you wish us to customise your bathroom to give it a designer look, or simply need plastering, plumbing, tiling or carpentry work done, we have the tools at our disposal to deliver this for you.


We provide decorative and installation services for floors, surfaces and doors, and will sculpt your kitchen in your vision so that it has a modern aesthetic appeal.


If you require new wiring, plumbing, electrical systems, ceilings, walls, plastering, decorating, listed buildings (grade 1 and 2), then call us and we will alleviate your difficulties within days of your first call.

Home & Garden Extensions

Whether it’s installing a new conservatory, performing a garage conversion or reconstructing a patio, simply give us a design and we’ll make it happen. Over the years, we have facilitated the transformation of a variety of different properties, and promise to uphold our high standards with your home, so that you make maximum use of your space.

Loft Conversions

We specialise in producing a multitude of different loft conversion services, whether it be a standard roof window or dormer conversion or a more unique hip to gable or mansard design.

Decorative Reconstructure

Whether it’s modern, Zen, Victorian, or a unique design, we’ll transform your house exactly so it appears as you envisaged it, so that the aesthetics of your home reflect your vision.

Home Repair

We offer a full range of home repair services including dealing with any issues you may be having with your boiler and remedying any electrical or plumbing difficulties that you may be experiencing.

  • Property Valuation Enhancement

    Our construction services can serve as a form of long term investment and can enhance the value of your property immeasurably if you utilise us for extensions and conversions.

  • Aesthetic Improvement

    Our innovative team can preside over the full refurbishment of all rooms in your home, and will implement any unique design you desire us to.

  • Space Optimisation

    We will modify your home in your own vision so that is structured in accordance to your needs and makes full use of all the space available to you.

  • Home Repair Service

    If you are suffering from any broken appliances in your home such as drains or plumbing, contact us and we will alleviate your difficulties within hours of your call.