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Everest Lofts is an experienced building company specialising in designing and performing household renovations, extensions and conversions. Over the past decade, we have undertaken a multitude of construction tasks ranging from full renovations of bathrooms and kitchens, to building bespoke loft conversions of varying designs. We are happy to implement any designs that you have devised yourself for all of your household’s rooms, or work co-operatively with you to formulate a vision that we will then bring to life.

Choose from a variety of different colour schemes, materials and designs and we’ll then deal with obtaining the supply for you so work can start as soon as possible. For larger scale tasks such as home extensions and loft conversions, we will co-operatively work with you to resolve any planning permission issues. And of course, we’ll assign you with your own personal project manager, so that you always have someone at your disposal to address any queries or problems that arise whilst work is being undertaken.

We have also acquired expertise in a broad range of home repair work, and can send members of our team to your house on the same day of initial contact, so that you receive a swift resolution to your difficulties. Our services extend to all electrical, plumbing, boiler and household appliance related issues, and a clear and accurate quote will always be given to you before work begins, that will accurately reflect the scale of work needed to be done. We strive to complete all of our repair work at the highest quality, and make sure that once difficulties have been resolved, that they do not arise again in the future.

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How It Works

For any household services that you may require, simply fill in our form and outline the task you desire us to undertake and we’ll get back to you during the same day. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 808 5724, and we can start the ball rolling straight away, and arrange an initial meeting with you.

Initial Meet

During your initial consultation, we will identify the work you desire us to do, and depending on the nature of this, we can start on the same day as the initial point of contact. For all home repair work, same day response is available, and with renovation and extension projects we will start the design process as soon as possible, so that we can swiftly move onto the construction phase. It’s simple, you contact us, we get back to you, and your vision is brought to life.

Our Services

We offer a variety of different home improvement and repair services that should cover all requirements that you request of us. However, the bulk of our services can be categorised into 4 groups: Design, Construction, Supply and Repair.

About Our Design

We are happy to provide you with a number of different colour schemes, materials and designs for any of the rooms you wish us to redecorate and renovate. We are multi-capable when it comes to all construction tasks, and can give all of your rooms a variety of different looks, ranging from a vintage Victorian design, to more unique Zen design. We can also plan the shape of the new room collectively with you, so it has a truly bespoke finish, and arrange planning permission proposals on your behalf, so that work can start straight away.

About Our Construction

Once your vision for house or its individual rooms has been clearly detailed to us, we’ll assign you your personal project manager, who will get people in right away to start work. During the construction phase, we will constantly update you with developments about the progress on your work, and will provide you with suggestions if we believe there are aspects that could be improved.

About Our Supply

We can arrange the acquisition of all the materials you may require for the work you hire us to undertake, so that the aesthetics of your room reflect the style you are looking to achieve. From the design phase, we’ll provide you with a number of sample materials and colours for you to choose from, and on confirmation we will head out and obtain the necessary utensils to begin the construction phase, and give all of your rooms your bespoke image.

About Our Repair

Our repair work extends to all difficulties that you may encounter with broken, weathered and malfunctioning parts of your household. This includes all electrical and plumbing issues that arise, wall, floor and window repair, as well as resolving any problems you are having with your boiler. Simply get into contact with us, we’ll send our repair team to your door on the same day, and your difficulties will be resolved. Easy.


We consistently ensure that we are up to date with all the new moderns designs released each year, so that you have a full array of vintage and modern looks to choose from, and we will always provide you with unique and original customisation proposals, so that your rooms stand out from the crowd.


Our business is based on having strong relationships with our customers, and we understand that transparency and honesty are essential to ensuring this manifest in reality.


You should be confident that by choosing us, you are opting for an honest service that will always be accurate with our price and time disclosures.


We pride our work on being of the highest standard, and pledge to never construct or repair anything that simply falls apart within weeks.


Rest assured that by using Everest Lofts, you are opting for a reliable servicer who aims for permanence with all the work it undertakes.


From the initial point of contact, all problems and queries will be dealt with swiftly, and we will send members of our staff to your door on the same day, so that you feel you are being fully catered to.

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Our Policy

At Everest Lofts, we have a strict company policy of excellence, transparency and innovation that all of our members of staff are required to adhere to. We believe it is important to establish an amicable and long lasting relationship with all of our clients, and as such promise to allocate to you as much time as you require for your home improvement service. This means we will assist you with any design queries you may have, and will recommend any innovative ideas that we may feel will give your home a unique feel that makes it stand out from the rest. You will also always have a personal project manager assigned to you for any tasks you commission us to undertake, and they will make sure that all work is finished quickly and in accordance with our values of permanence and quality.
We also promise to be honest and uphold our values of integrity when providing you with any service that you may require, and you rest assured that you will always be given an accurate quote and time estimation when using our service. Though we are firmly committed to upholding our standards of excellence, we are always just a phone call away if any problems arise that you wish to alert us of.