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Two Storey House Extension

We provide a comprehensive service including planning, designing, dealing with planning permission and constructing all variations of two storey extensions. Undertaking work such as this on your home will add a large sum to its value, and will provide a huge amount of new space to utilise for whichever purpose you desire.

Single Storey House Extension

Extensions such as these are simple to construct and simply involve one side of the new supplementary building being attached to a single side of your home. We offer a full array of services including attaining planning permission, undertaking plumbing and electric work, plastering, tiling and decorating.

Two Storey Rear Extension

Extensions of this kind require a relatively high level of free space in order to be performed, but can revolutionise the appearance of your home. A rear extension can be done at the same time as other internal modifications in order to open a kitchen up to the rear garden and produce a bright, airy, open-plan area that can multi-function as a number of different rooms.

Side Return Extension

Side return extensions are typically performed in to make new space available in existing rooms in a home, or to restructure them so that new rooms and living space can be made available. These kinds of extensions can be done at the same time as a rear extension to create a wrap-around extension. New bedrooms, bathrooms and other novelty rooms can be created from this kind of extension, and can be finished off with sliding folding doors or French doors to give it that unique, classy feel.


These are relatively small extensions made at the front of a property, though custom designs can be bigger and implemented on the side of a house as well. Extensions such as this are typically simply structures consisting solely of brick dwarf walls and columns, windows and doors.

Over Structure Extension

An over structure extension simply involve an extension being made on the top of an existing structure in your home, such as the kitchen, garage or living room. We deal with obtaining planning and building control permission on your behalf, and will implement the interior design on completion of construction. We can also change your existing structure to a twin leaf or can install block ‘piers’ in order to prepare the foundations of your home for the extension.

Garage Conversion

A number of different kinds of garage conversion can be done ranging from extending on top, from the side, or out into the driveway, which would also need to be extended. We provide a full service including attaining planning permission, conforming to building regulations, installing new brickwork, and performing interior work such as the insulation, electrics, plastering, tiling and decoration of the new space.

Basement Conversion

A great way to maximise the use of all your homes space and create a wealth of new storage space is to have a basement conversion done. Our architects can help formulate the ideal design for your home with your preferences in mind and will ensure the interior is structured in order to adhere to the purpose you have for the room. We will also guarantee that it is waterproofed, well insulated and draught proof, whilst also ensuring that all regulations are met.

Home extensions are often a costly, timely and somewhat stressful endeavour, and this is why it is important that you have a construction team at your disposal who you are confident will deliver a high quality, fast and reliable service. We have planned and performed a number of different home extension services ranging from the installation of conservatories and summer houses, to full garden extensions and garage removals. Get into contact today, and we’ll ensure that your house fully makes use all of its space, and is customised to contain a number of new areas that would you otherwise who have been unable to enjoy.

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How long will it take for the work to be completed?

The length of time that an extension takes to construct and finish ranges depending on the style you choose and the purpose you wish to use it for. Typically, work can be finished within a week of starting, though for more complex designs and full interior work, this may extend into a second week.

We will also have to place blinds in the extentions in order to lower glare and heat accumulation. Blinds also have the added benefit of preventing UV damage to certain pieces of furniture and parts of the carpet, so they are well worth having in any conservatory.

Home Extension Design

Work with our high quality, innovative architects or arrange a meeting between our construction team and your own designers so that the ideal design for your home extension can be created.

Single storey, multi storey, rear, side return, garage, basement and over structure extensions available, all of which will have the planning permission and building regulation adherence will be dealt with by our team of specialists.

Multi-purpose rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms or new bedrooms with en suite bathrooms can be created, whilst the structural aspects will be clearly mapped out and addressed during the design phase.

Interior design is also available for new space, including the new room layout, the floor, tiling, plastering and windows. Electrics, plumbing and joinery service available as well.

Home Extension Construction

Providing planning permission is not required, work can be undertaken just days after the final design has been produced, and a personal project manager will be assigned to your project so that all progress and costs are made transparent to you.

Work can be completed within two weeks, though in certain cases this can be substantially shorter. All supplies are acquired and transported by us, for you, and are stamped with the quality approval that is necessary for a high quality, long lasting finish.

Custom modifications can be applied as long as the final design has not been fully implemented, and features such as multi-faceted fronts or open sun roofs can be added in if you opt to change your design.

Home Extension Interior

Blinds will be mandatorily installed in your conservatory in order to reduce glare and heat accumulation. It will also ensure that UV damage to furniture and carpets in the new room is minimised, and will come at no added cost.

Joinery service available for wooden features in room, and plastering, tiling, flooring and ceiling work all completed with longevity in mind.All plumbing, electrics, lighting and insulation addressed by our engineers, who will ensure that all these areas are completed with a high quality finish.