Home Repair

Whatever your problem, we’ve got the solution

Whatever the damage, however vast the repair work may seem, we are here to help.

It’s simple; you get into contact, we arrive at your property shortly after, assess the damage, and give you an accurate quote that is an honest reflection of the amount required to resolve your difficulties. We then clearly identify the time frame we promise to finish the work in, and will then resolve the difficulty at the highest standard, so that you are confident that your repair work has the virtue of permanence that every top range provider should strive to adhere to.

Are you tired of having to wait what seems like an age for a home repair service to dispatch staff to address your short term difficulties? Well rest assured, by utilising our home repair service you are opting for a transparent, low cost company that will send the necessary members of staff out to assess your problem on the same day of first contact.

All we need from you is a few details to do with yourself when you first contact us and your address so we can dispatch a member of staff to your door as soon as possible. We will then assess the damage at hand, provide you with an honest quote, and so long as you are happy with the price we will start work straight away to bring a swift resolution to your problems. We value ourselves for the high standards that we work at and as such apply the same principles to our repair work; so that once you have paid out to have your household fixed you will not have to worry about doing it again.

What You’ll Get From Us

Swift response to your query and a repair team sent to your door for whichever time you specify for us to arrive.

Accurate assessment of the scale of work needed to be undertaken to complete the repair and a low cost and honest quote which reflects this.

High quality repair work that reflects our company values of excellence and permanence.

All supplies necessary to complete the repair work will be located and acquired by us.

What We’ll Need From you

When you first contact us, you will have to provide us with certain pieces of information about yourself and your home, so that we can ascertain the problem and send the right specialist to your door. This follows as:

  • Your name and your full address
  • A contact phone number
  • As detailed as possible information on what exactly needs to be repaired
  • Your desired time for one of our staff to come round and deal with the problem

What We Do


Get into contact now if any of your electrical devices are broken or malfunctioning and we’ll send a specialist to remedy the problem immediately.


We have a number of specialist plumbers who can identify, address and resolve your problems, swiftly, all on the same day of initial contact.


Whether it is windows, tables or showers, our response team is fully prepared to repair your shattered glasswork at the highest standard, so it feels as if the damage never took place at all.


Whether it’s your boiler, your wardrobe, broken woodwork or your doors, we’ll repair your itinerary so it appears good as new.

Security Systems

We understand security systems and alarms are prone to error which is why we have assembled a team of experts on the matter that can bring a swift resolution to your difficulties.


All wooden, marble, under floor heating, carpets and other flooring can be repaired, replaced or refurbished, depending on what you desire us to undertake on your behalf.


We provide repair work on fences, doors and patios as well as any chipped or broken brickwork which can be restored to normality within hours.


Walls and ceilings all eventually need to be brought back to life, and our team of experienced staff will ensure that they are restored to their original aesthetic appearance.

And much more

Walls and ceilings all eventually need to be brought back to life, and our team of experienced staff will ensure that they are restored to their original aesthetic appearance.

Home Repairs Free Assesment

Quick response on queries. Free non-committal damage assessment for repair work in any room in your house. Accurate quote that reflects the actual costs of the repair work. Instant start to repairing if you’re happy with the quote.

Home Repair Plumbing

All drain work, including blockage in main and waste pipes. Toilet, toilet seat, dishwasher, sink and bleeding radiator repair. Taps and water supplies fixed. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements included.

Home Repair Electrical

Plug socket repair and replacement. Partial or complete rewiring of property. Inspections, diagnostics and error identification for all electrical systems. Lighting, boiler and other appliance related difficulties resolved.

Home Repair Interior

We’ll fix all cracks and aesthetic erosion in your household’s walls, floorboards and tiling. Doors, gates, fencing, patios and windows replaced and reinstalled. Broken security systems, alarms and smoke detectors catered to. Brickwork, plasterwork, woodwork and furniture repair available on request.