Custom fittings and adjustments, available at your request

We provide a high-quality bespoke joinery service that will enable you to customise your home to your practical needs.

Our premium bespoke joinery service will enable you to customise items in your home or office from staircases to cabinets. Whether it’s a vanity unit, staircase, built in mirror or cabinet, our experts are detailed and professional in their work and only provide the premium finish to your customisation. Whatever the scale of the task you wish us to undertake, rest assured that we will produce a high quality finish that will last for years to come.

How it works


Are you looking to personalise the rooms in your house so that they provide for your unique needs, but are unsure what the best components to install are to ensure this? Well fret no more, because we offer a comprehensive joinery service that will provide for all your designing and installation needs. The process is extremely simple; just give us a call us or fill in our form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and will then someone round your house to start your renovation on the same day as initial contact is made. We can then ascertain which areas of your house you wish to customise, and will then produce a number of designs for different itineraries, such as vanity units or built in wardrobes that you can choose from.


We have a number of innovative and exceptionally skilled craftsmen at our disposal who have a wealth of experience both designing and creating custom woodwork itinerary. Over the years, we have expanded our range of materials available so that you can now choose from a multitude of high grade wood such as oak, ash redwood, sapele, douglas fir and pine to give your house a custom feel. Your bespoke items will be created in our state of the art workshop, where they will be worked and reworked precisely until they clearly match your chosen design.


We will then send an installation team to your house in order to fully fit your new customised items into their relevant household rooms. If you are unhappy with the finishing’s or the quality of the woodwork, then simply let us know and we will happily send it back to the workshop to rework until it adheres to your vision. Providing there are no complications the work can be finished quickly and without any hassle to your day to day activities. Our company has a strict policy of longevity and quality so you should rest assured that your fittings will be permanent and will not simply fall out just days after completion.

What We Do


Whether it is a basic or more complex style of dormer, top turn, tilt turn, centre pivot, top hung, UPVC or any custom design, rest assured that we have the workshop specialists at our disposal to produce your bespoke windows.


We can produce bespoke staircases for any applicable part of your home, and you can choose from a broad spectrum of top grade timber ranging from oak, pine, hemlock, ash and sapele.


We provide a comprehensive range of internal and external doors, including slide and fold styles, made from top grade timber. Choose from White Oak, Sapele, Iroko, Meranti, Tulipwood, Douglas Fir and Redwood.


Bespoke doors, windows, flooring, surfaces, pullouts, push-ins, cupboards, cabinets and full built in kitchens available with a broad range of colours, high range materials and designs to choose from.


Whether it is a basic or more complex style of dormer, top turn, tilt turn, centre pivot, top hung, UPVC or any custom design, rest assured that we have the workshop specialists at our disposal to produce your bespoke windows.


We can design, create and install the interior and exterior components to your conservatory, including bespoke hardwood and redwood designs with and without oak finishing’s.


Full bespoke joinery service available for bedrooms including design, creation and implementation of flooring, doors, vanity units, walk in wardrobes, cupboards, windows, headboards, book cases, desks and many more, with a multitude of different finishing’s and materials available to choose from.

Garden & Exterior

Fences, garage doors, garden gates, planters and patio doors all available to be customised with the finest wood and vaneers, so that your garden has a stylish, modern feel for the summer.

And Much More

If you require new wiring, plumbing, electrical systems, ceilings, walls, plastering, decorating, listed buildings (grade 1 and 2), then call us and we will alleviate your difficulties within days of your first call.

Joinery Design

Vintage, modern, swept and classic staircases available for installation. Bespoke doors that can be crafted in accordance with your vision.

All furniture, wardrobes and mirrors included in our service. Hand crafted screen and windows, including casement and storm-proof styles.

Joinery Manufacture

All work is undertaken in our state of the art workshop, with a multitude of specialist craftsmen on hand to produce your bespoke design.

Certified high grade timber used at all times with a multitude of different wood types that can be modified and customised however you desire. Window joinery service available for glazing and double glazing purposes as well as for framing.

Joinery Installation

Blinds will be mandatorily installed in your conservatory in order to reduce glare and heat accumulation. It will also ensure that UV damage to furniture and carpets in the new room is minimised, and will come at no added cost.

Joinery service available for wooden features in room, and plastering, tiling, flooring and ceiling work all completed with longevity in mind.All plumbing, electrics, lighting and insulation addressed by our engineers, who will ensure that all these areas are completed with a high quality finish.