Timeless & innovative kitchens, made to your specifications

We create innovative kitchens for your home

At Everest lofts, we offer a variety of kitchen services including design, building, supplying parts and repairing broken fixtures.

We can build kitchens to suit any taste and budget, from bespoke, personalised creations to more basic package products, all delivered in accordance with our company policy of quality, transparency and excellence.

We have a wide selection of colours and materials to work with, helping us to create kitchens to all sorts of designs and specifications. Traditional or modern, feature-heavy or minimalistic, we’ll design and build the right kitchen for you.

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We understand how importantly both the aesthetics and functionality of kitchens are to households, and have a number of highly experienced staff at your disposal who will deliver high quality, bespoke services at a competitive cost. Make your home more energy efficient with the installation of new windows and flooring, or revolutionise its lighting by looking through our multitude of different bulbs and light plans. Alternatively, embark on a complete renovation of your kitchen, and choose from a huge range of different designs, both vintage and modern, so that your kitchen truly reflects how you dreamt it to be.

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What We Do


Give your kitchen a bespoke feel from the floor up and choose from our plethora of different materials, including marble, wooden, vinyl, ceramic, hardwood and amtico, with under floor heating facilities available for installation.


Match your surfaces with the style of all other components of your kitchen to create a modern and attractive look. Materials include wooden, granite, chrome, earth stone, laminate, ceramic tile, and many more.


We have a multitude of contractors who are experienced at installing new boilers, sinks, taps, fan extractors, hobs, dryers, washing machines and dishwashers, so that you don’t have to.


Choose from a broad range of lighting styles for your kitchen, including pendant, recessed, surface, halogen, fluorescent, ambient and many more.


Whether it’s repairing your existing drains, pipes, valves and other plumbing devices or installing new and superior itinerary, we have the staff at hand to adhere to all your plumbing needs.


Our craftsman can create your bespoke wardrobes, cabinets and cupboards, so that your kitchen has a sophisticated and high quality feel.

 Doors and Windows

Existing windows can be reinforced, improved and redesigned, whilst a full array of repair work is available as well. Customise the style of your doors to complete the bespoke feel of your kitchen, with a multitude of different designs available at your disposal.

Remodelled Units

Alternatively, you can opt for a complete overhaul of your current kitchen design and choose from our array of modern, traditional, shaker, and vintage, Zen and other styles to truly give your kitchen a custom feel.

And Much More

If you require new wiring, plumbing, electrical systems, ceilings, walls, plastering, decorating, listed buildings (grade 1 and 2), then call us and we will alleviate your difficulties within days of your first call.

Kitchen Design

Work with our own professional team of architects or utilise your own and we’ll implement their vision for you.Choose from a vast array of styles, ranging from modern, traditional, shaker, vintage, or produce your own design, and we’ll make it a reality. Choose from our range of materials, surfaces and tiling, so that the aesthetics of your kitchen match the look you are searching for. Work collectively to consider the placing of appliances, the appearance of worktops, and other special related design issues.

Kitchen Supply

You choose the style, colour scheme and design of your kitchen, and we’ll acquire all the material necessary to produce your bespoke design. All marble, wooden, granite, chrome, earth stone, laminate, ceramic tile, available for worktops, surfaces and flooring. Full range of lighting material available for bespoke feel including pendant, recessed, surface, halogen, fluorescent, ambient and may more. Joinery service available in our state of the art workshop, including customised cupboards, windows, cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Fittings

Full renovations available with minimal construction time and efficient installation.Smaller work such as fittings of a new sink, boiler, tap, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer available. New electrics, piping, sewage system, stove, fan extractor and other appliances completed within 48 hours of initial consultation.Specialist contractors who are experienced at customising kitchens to precision, and implementing the exact aesthetic design, placement and colour scheme specified to them.

Kitchen Repair

Free assessments of the repair work that needs to be done and an honest quote to accurately reflect the costs. Comprehensive appliance repair including boilers, taps, fridges, freezers. Wooden flooring, tiling, walls, ceiling, windows, doors and cupboard repair. Electrics, plumbing, lighting repair and full refurbishments.We can repair most household items at a reasonable price, so if you have anything that is broken, let us know.